Cloud Based Software

MoxiLead is hosted in the cloud, so you will never have to install or update anything. Simply log in from anywhere and set up a new campaign.

1-Click Opt-In

MoxiLead doesn't require you to type in an email address. Visitors will be able to subscribe to your list with a single click.

Require Opt-in For Any Content You Choose

With MoxiLead you can require opt-in to access ANY content that you choose. It could be a lead magnet, an article, a video, or even a webpage that you want to require an opt-in for viewing.

Millions Of Verified Email Addresses

Visitors opt-in by choosing from their social media like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, Yahoo, or Twitter buttons, and MoxiLead will automatically add their email address associated with these accounts to your list. These emails are verified and mostly are buyers email addresses.

Create Campaigns In 60 Seconds or less

MoxiLead was created with a focus on ease-of-use, and you’ll be able to create a lead generation campaign in just 60 seconds or less.

Customize Lead Pages Without Coding

Easily customize the look and feel of your campaigns without coding or tech skills. Everything is ‘drag and drop’ and simple.

Share Campaigns & Drive Traffic

Get more visitors and opt-ins by sharing your lead generation campaigns on social media, forums, blogs or anywhere that accepts a link with a click of a mouse.

Run Ads To Your Campaigns

Get even more traffic by sending ads directly to your newly created campaign.

Smart Social Opt-in Buttons

MoxiLead is a smart software tool that shows the social network button for the accounts they are actually logged into to ensure you get verified emails.

Add MoxiLead To Any Blog Or Website

You can add MoxiLead to any blog or website for easy opt-ins, and MoxiLead will automatically follow-up with visitors using this to boost your opt-ins and get you more leads.

Built-In Reminder System

Sometimes it takes seeing something a few times before a user takes action, and that’s why MoxiLead includes an automatic reminder system that will follow-up with visitors automatically to boost your opt-ins and increase your results.

GDPR Compliant

Don’t worry about compliance. MoxiLead is 100% GDPR compliant.

Complete Analytics Built in

Get access to traffic and opt-in stats that show you how your campaigns are performing with a click of a mouse.